An Exclusive Look at Double Diamond Slot Online

There are just some images that have, over time, become synonymous with casinos. This imagery includes big red number 7s, bars, bright colours and flashing lights. Because IGT is something of an expert in this field, they have developed an online slots game that speaks to players who have, for so long, been in awe of the luxurious, glamorous associations that traditional casinos bring. This game is called Double Diamond, and the potential payouts are just as lucrative as its name suggests. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the rules, tips and tricks to help you make the most of this game, as well as of its potential rewards.

A Familiar Structure

IGT’s Double Diamond is one of those online slots games that is likely to be recognised by everyone. While they may not realise it, this game is one of the most popular of its kind and is sure to have been played by most online casino fans at one point or another. This game has three reels with some of the most recognisable symbols in the business adorning its reels. As soon as three symbols match in a single spin, the player wins. It’s a simple structure made from a classic formula that has worked well in all kinds of casinos, all over the world, time and time again.

Reliable Features

IGT was very careful not to stray too far away from this formula when it came to Double Diamond online slots game. This is also evident in the features that the game has on offer. As mentioned, this slots game is a simple one. The symbols can be matched across the reels and can range from anything like bars and 7s to cherries. There is one particular symbol that players should look out for, however. The game’s logo serves as the wild card and once it appears three times on the reels, it means that the player has won the jackpot.

Double Diamond Slot Bonuses

As with everything else about Double Diamond slots game, IGT has kept it simple when it comes to bonuses. While the wild card, represented by the game’s logo, appearing three times means that the player has hit the jackpot, the symbol could also lead to the multiplication of winnings. The exact amount is, of course, determined by how many of these symbols appear at any given time. Should one appear, the winnings will be doubled. Should two appear, the winnings will be quadrupled, and so on.

Double Diamond is, without a doubt, IGT’s most popular online slots game. Not only is this the perfect game for players of all levels of experience, it can also be accessed from a number of different devices, including computers, laptops, mobile phones and tablets. As one of the most recognisable online slots games on the market, this one is great for the player who enjoys being able to indulge in a good, old casino game without too many bells and whistles attached to it.