Vacation Station Slot Guide & Review for Players Online

Vacation Station is an old-type classic online slot game powered by Playtech casino gaming software. The game itself has a travel theme with various images of trains, planes and automobiles.

The backdrop to the slot is a train station from which the game gets its name. Standing at the entrance of the station is our intrepid traveller sporting a Hawaiian shirt with two large bags under his arms.

The reels themselves sit to the left of the screen in a square grid while the game information is displayed on the front of a large suitcase.

3-Reel Classic Slot Game

As a classic slot game, Vacation Station does not offer much in the way of extreme frills and exquisite graphics. The cartoon like graphics are fun and brightly coloured with basic casino type sound effects when the reel spin.

When players click on the paytable button, a second screen displays the various payouts. This has a separate backdrop of a world map with a compass at the top of the screen. The compass is the only real part of the game that has any sort of animation.

Unique Payline Structure

The slot machine setup in Vacation Station is quite unique. The game has a total of 3 reels with eight paylines. The reels themselves don’t exactly spin. When the spin button is pressed, the nine symbols flash in a static background and randomly land on a different symbol each time.

The paylines themselves are set out in a different order to what you would expect in a classic slot. Three of the paylines go across, three go down and the final two are diagonal paylines from corner to corner. This gives players a better chance of forming a winning combination.

High Paying Reel Symbols

The reel symbols in Vacation Station are all types of modes of transport, whether is be train or hot air balloon. The highest paying symbol of the game is actually the aeroplane.

Finding all three aeroplane symbols across the reels will pay out the slot jackpot of 4000 coins on a maximum bet. Next in line is the cargo ship paying out 2250 coins and the sailboat paying out 1500 coins for a max bet.

As you go down to the lower paying symbols, the payouts drop to 750 coins for the hot air balloon and further still for the submarine, the sports card, the motorcycle, the train and final the bus paying out the least with 75 coins on a max bet.

Scatter Symbol Payouts

Vacation Station includes a few buttons at the bottom of the screen that can adjust certain features of the game. The main buttons are the “bet one” or “Bet max” buttons along with the spin button.

The game really online has one bonus feature in the form of a Scatter symbol. The Scatter symbol is the image of a suitcase covered in stickers.

This symbol will pay out in any position on the reels and doesn’t necessarily have to land on an active payline to produce a win. Finding all nine covering the screen will result in a bet multiplier of 1000x the total bet stake.