More Details about Themed Slot Categories

While there are an amazing variety of slots games available to all online and mobile players, in many cases players do prefer to stick to a certain style of game.  Many sites are now introducing themed slot categories, in which players can easily identify games of the same type. Of course there are many ways in which casinos might decide to start introducing themed slot categories.

The reason is that these games might be considered to be similar for a whole range of different reasons. It might be the color scheme that is the same, or the actual theme of the game. It could be the type of bonus features that are on offer in the game, or whether players are able to get free spins. The similarity might even be in terms of how many active pay lines are on offer, such as whether there are 20 pay lines, or a massive 243 pay lines. All of these features will have different impacts on the games, and the will be of interest to different types of players at internet gambling casino.

Different Styles of Slots

When introducing themed slot categories, sites often look at the in game features. Some players like the traditional type of slots game, in which there aren’t really any bonuses or mini games. In these traditional slots games, players just need to try and get the same symbols to match up, and they can win the prizes.

On the other hand, the more modern types of slots games offer players with many different features of bonuses, mini games, win multipliers, free spins, and the list goes on. In this game style, there is a whole variety of different ways in which players can win. However, these types of games are a bit more complicated to play and to figure out how they work. When introducing themed slot categories, sites will typically try to group these styles of online slots games together.

Online Ausvegas casino have now started introducing themed slot categories. There are multiple categories, including examples such as Action, Asian, Celebrity, and Cops & Robbers slots games. You might be a player who likes Fairy Tales slot games, or Film, Explorer, Love & Romance, or even Magical themed games. The list really goes on in terms of how many different categories are on offer. Of course there are the all time favorites, like Triple 7s games, as well as Vegas themed slots games.

Slot Game Jackpots

When considering some of these slot games categories, it is worth looking at the types of jackpots that are on offer. Many slots games offer a fixed jackpot. In this case, every time you log in and start playing that particular game, the jackpot that can be won will remain the same. However, some of the other slots games offer progressive jackpots. These slots games are linked, and so as more and more players login and start playing that game, the jackpot will start to rise. It will continue to rise until one player is able to win the progressive jackpot, after which is will reset to a minimum amount.