Sweet Harvest Slot Basics for Players Online

To become one of the most well-known and largest gaming developers in the online casino world, one necessary step is for the brand to create and rack up a considerable amount of gaming products which would push the brand’s portfolio to bulging point.

To create this flourishing portfolio means that a developer would need to cover all gaming grounds and genres, as well as all themes. And when you’ve covered all themes, from fantasy worlds to city life and everything in between, where does a developer then turn to for theme inspiration? Well to the country of course…

Game Details Stated

The Sweet Harvest online slot game delivers on all farming fronts, with every agricultural element sewn right into the game. This video slot features the typical five reels along with 20 non-fixed pay lines which can be activated in full or only a certain amount depending on the player’s preference.

Like in a lot of other slots being presented at https://mobilecasinocanada.org/jackpot-city, an auto play option is available for those seeking to watch the reels spin without having to click a finger. A large harvester image is the button image for the auto play option.

From the Onset, Immersion Happens

From the onset, slot players will feel they have stepped out of the city and knee deep into the farms and country. How does this immersion take place? Well, with a backdrop boasting detailed graphics of small woods and farming fields, players see the authentic theme of the Sweet Harvest online slot game immediately.

Vintage flair and vibrant colours are sewn into every design element, harvesting an old school feel which compliments the neat layout. Buttons are clearly visible allowing players to customise different aspects of game play and adjust the wide range of betting options available on the Sweet Harvest online slot game to suit their tastes and budget.

The developer is well known for its in-game animations and the Sweet Harvest online slot game packs a few animated punches which bring the calm and tranquil farm life bursting into player’s screens. The country-influenced sound effects and background music also immerse players further into the virtual realms of the Sweet Harvest online slot game.

13 Reel Symbols to Match Up

In total, 13 detailed and themed symbols adorn the reels, with different combinations landing at different times and paying out different rewards. Card symbols are the low value icons but still reward players.

Players will find symbols such as ripe corn, pumpkin, the farmer himself, a farm girl and other symbols which add to the overall theme of the Sweet Harvest online slot game.

The red barn icon is the scatter in the game. This scatter can appear anywhere on the reels to trigger the free spins round. Here players are awarded a number of free spins which reward in bundles.

Another bonus feature, a wild symbol in the form of the game’s logo, a nice jackpot and a variety of multipliers truly create a game where it is easy to harvest real money abundance as well as to harvest an abundance of effortless free fun for hours. Both free play and real money play versions of the Sweet Harvest online slot game are available online at selected, reputable online casino sites.